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The CFS mission is to provide customers with the finest, most innovative fishing equipment at the lowest possible cost. We recognize that our success in business is dependant upon our customer's being successful in their own endeavors. We appreciate that fishermen have many challenges in today's environment - catching, marketing, crewing, weather, paperwork, bureaucracy and many other issues and that our customers need a reliable, honest and affordable supply centre. We are proud that we have a very high percentage of repeat and referral clients because we have shown that we competently handle large or small, simple or complex enquiries. We recognize that your time on shore is valued and always do our utmost to ensure that we assist you in a prompt, efficient and professional manner. We are volume suppliers and have considerable buying power with our manufacturer's that allows us to sell our equipment at very competitive rates.

We supply our specialized equipment to all fisheries throughout Australia and also many international fisheries. We have been instrumental in design and development of fishing gear for the Australian monofilament long line industry and our gear is now in demand in overseas fisheries such as Canada, USA, the Mediterranean, Atlantic and Pacific Fisheries. We have also done numerous projects for Pacific nations, such as FADS (Fish Aggregation Devices) that assist the development and harvesting of their own natural resources. We also supply to government, institutions, universities, research centers, aquaculture farms as well as mining, dredging and drilling industries.

The consistent high quality of many of our product lines has seen a significant increase in demand from serious blue water sports and recreational fishers. We are also able to supply quality, uv treated netting for indoor and outdoor sports centres.

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